Friday, April 25, 2008

Hunting in Chicago 5

Day 3. Uggh. I had hoped to be done by this time. Unfortunately, there are two apartments that we really like and it is getting super hard to decide, especially since there are people (friendly, and coincidentally working on commission) involved. Curtis, the guy I mentioned before, is super nice and very very persistent. He really wants to make this sale work.

The non-Curtis apartment is less expensive and bigger, but every other amenity (location, perks, free cable, all that) is better in the Curtis one. I would have already taken Curtis, but there is one small problem: the place has no complete walls. I.e. The ceiling is higher than the walls go up. This makes for a very cool "loft" look, but makes it so screaming kids will be able to make themselves audible anywhere in the apartment.

So we had a contractor come and look at the place and make an estimate on putting in doors and wall extensions. Right now, everything hangs on that. If it's too much, non-Curtis. If it is reasonable, Curtis.

Only time (about 30 min or so) will tell... Da da da DUM!

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Andrea Teague said...

Seeing as this was days ago, I'm assuming you have some conclusion? You ended on a dum dum dum...