Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hunting in Chicago 4

I would have written a long time ago. But I spent all last night last night figuring out the best way to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer. My computer that runs Windows Vista, the memory and CPU resources hog that everyone loves. It actually sucks a lot, because, with the new operating system, my camera cannot just copy the files to my disk because Vista doesn't recognize the camera in Explorer, only asks me if I want to transfer them to a Word document. A Word document? What the eff, seriously. Of course, I ended up doing that because it was my only option.

Anyway, turns out while I was writing that blog post yesterday, the dude that was supposed to show me the apartment was sitting in his truck the whole time. Whoops. Hey, he should have been more obvious. That apartment was cool, it reminded me a lot of our apartment we have now, only bigger. In other words, still pretty ghetto.

Later I was walking around and found this girl's ID card on the ground. The first thing I thought was, if this girl isn't a lesbian, I have no gaydar. It had her name and home address (in Pittsburgh) but no phone number, so I whipped out this phone, started up the internets, and found the number associated with that last name and address on Infospace. I called it and told the girl who answered that if Allison wanted her ID card, she should take my cell number and call me.

I saw some other apartments, on a tour with a super nice guy named Jaz. ID girl Allison called me during the tour and thanked me, but I couldn't meet her at all yesterday. She didn't sound too concerned. Probably because it was like this non-driver's licence thing that also said she was under 21. So maybe it's useful for, I don't know, getting a library card or something.

That's enough. The boring meter of this post is starting to get a little high.

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