Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hunting in Chicago 3

So I walked on my own to a place called Chicago Apartment Locators; wasn't too far away. The agent there, an older black guy with a short white fro and crazy/cool green eyes named Curtis, decided to show me around the neighborhood to check out 2 apartments that were ok. Well, the first one was kinda lame -- in fact I would say it was a downgrade in size from our apt right now in NYC. Sorry, but no. We're movin' on up. The second was pretty huge, but no central AC or in-unit laundry, which are essentials for the wife.

We didn't get to look at the one that we really liked, because the dude that owns the place couldn't show it today. So tomorrow, I'm headed over there -- at noon.

I just had lunch at this gyros place, called Hyde Park Gyros. It was good, in the sense that it was exactly the same as every other place like that (that specializes in gyros but has a million other greasy things--you know what I'm talking about). It must be some sort of cartel, or hidden franchise.

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