Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hunting in Chicago 1

So here I am in a little bus taking me to the "Marine Terminal" at LaGuardia. Has anyone ever been to this terminal? It's for the Delta Shuttle flights and it's like as far away from the regular terminals as the regular terminals are from my apartment. Ok, maybe not that far. But I was pretty frustrated when I got all the way to the TSA girl who checks your ID in the normal Delta terminal and she was like... "Um, wrong place dear." Embarassing! I had to be led out of line to let the non-terminal-ignorant people through.

This bus is taking forever.

So that's the first part of my trip. Not knowing that there's a special Delta terminal for people who jump back and forth from Boston/Washington/Chicago as often as I jump back and forth between my two couches.

What? Don't you still do that?

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