Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So I was playing Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin while I was working and my 1 year old daughter started dancing to it. I really didn't think that was very appropriate, so I gave her a lighter instead and taught her how to hold it above her head while lit.

The universe is now back in balance.


This webcomic rules. It combines my nerdy scientific nature with random humor. I love it so much, I even posted it on my non-anonymous blog.

Here are some of my favorites:
I totally have the same exact fantasies all the time, everywhere. They also often involve me having telekinesis, for some reason.

This is basically me on most computer projects I work on at home.

And who doesn't love the balls? I get a little frustrated every time I see one of those ball pits and then the requisite sign that you have to be under like 4 feet tall to get in. Come on!

Also, is it wrong that I really REALLY want this shirt? But, as a scientist, is it wrong for me not to own it?



(That's right, I'm a scientist. Promise.)